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LEED Certification

Tubular Skylight

LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is an internationally recognized standard which promotes healthier indoor air and efficiency in energy and water usage.

LEED is based on a scoring system where projects earn points for satisfying green building criteria. LEED certification is available in four progressive levels. For new construction, the levels are:


  • Certified - 26-32 points
  • Silver - 33-38 points
  • Gold - 39-51 points
  • Platinum - 52-69 pointsGreen Roof


Points are award in six major categories. For new construction & major renovations, points are split as follows:

  • Sustainable sites (14 points)
  • Water efficiency (5 points)
  • Energy and atmosphere (17 points)
  • Materials and resources (13 points)
  • Indoor environmental quality (15 points)
  • Innovation and design process (5 points)
Drainback Solar Water Heater

LEED certification is obtained after submitting an application documenting compliance with the requirements of the rating system as well as paying registration and certification fees. Certification is granted solely by the Green Building Council responsible for issuing the LEED system used on the project.

More Information:

U.S. Green Building Council

Canadian Green Building Council

World Green Building Council


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