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The 3 R's - Reduce Reuse Recycle

Recycling Plastics

Clothesline - Nature's Dryer

Conserving Water

- Do It Yourself Rain Barrel

- Ultra Low Flush Toilets

- How To Flush Your Water Heater

DIY Home Air Pressure Test

The Shell - Insulatete & Seal

Electrical Conservation

Time Of Use Electrical Pricing

Greenhouse Gas from Electricity

Evaporative "swamp" Coolers

Room Air Conditioners

Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning

Future Air Conditioners


Fuel Saving Tips

Electric Plug-in Vehicles


Eco Friendly

What Is Eco Friendly

EcoLogo Program

LEED Certification

Carbon Cap & Trade


Chicken Coop

Chicken Recipe

Clothesline - Nature's Dryer

Eco Friendly Cleaners

Natural Mosquito Repellent

Personal Care Products

Fresh Air - Houseplants

Greening Your Garden

Natural Lawn Care

Beneficial Garden Insects

Controlling White Grubs

What are Nematodes ?

pH Preference of Plants

How to Compost

Lights & Lighting

Green Roof

Grass Driveways

Eco Friendly House

Eco Games for Kids

Slow Food


Types Of Solar

Passive Solar

Solar Thermal

DIY Solar Air Heating

DIY Batch Solar Collector

DIY Solar Pool Heater

DIY Solar Oven

Evacuated Tube Collector

Flat Plate Collector

Solar Photovoltaic

Solar Panel Installation

DIY Home Solar PV Panels



Regular Articles on Going Green, Solar,Climate Change, DIY Articles, Wind Turbines and Links

Controlling White Grubs

Electric Vehicles, CO2 from Electricity vs Gasoline

How much Power can a small Wind Turbine produce?

All Electric Vehicles the way to Go

USA Admits Polar Bears Threatened

Evacuated Tube Solar Collector Half Price

Squirrels Rabbits Deer, Eating Your Flowers?

Mother's Day Idea's for the Mom with Everything

High Oil Price is Good News

Versatile Carbon Footprint Calculator

Value Compost Day a Huge Success

Beware of GreenWashing

Returned From Toronto Green Living Show

9 Steps to Save $6,600 on your Gas Bill

Parched USA States may Initiate Water Wars

THINK Electric Car Introduced to USA

Ontario Lawns Go Green

What Are Nematodes

Natural Organic Lawn Care

Greening Your Garden

Wind Turbines make a great Science Project

Homade Batch Solar Water Heater

Greenland's Rising Temperature

Solar Power Workshop

Calculate How Much Power You'll Get From A Wind Turbine

Daylight Saving Time

Earth Hour 2008

Go Green on St. Paddy's Day

Easter - Make Your Egg Hunt Environmentaly Friendly

Plastic Industry Fights Ban

Earth Hour - signed up yet?

Green Living Show - Toronto

Antartic Shelf

16 No Cost Ways To Help The Environment

Earth Day 2008 - What Are You Doing?

Kyoto Means A Lower Standard Of Living

And hundreds more...




The Facts About Wind Turbines

Home Wind Turbine Companies

Small Wind Turbines

Calculate Power for Turbines

Balance of System - batteries, cintrollers, inverters

Build Yourself a Wind Turbine

How to make PVC Blades for a Turbine

Buid a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine


Permanent Magnet Motors for Wind Turbines

Build an Axial Flux Alternator

Wind Turbine Furling

Carbon Calculator

Carbon Calculator



Electric Plugin Vehicles

Hybrid Vehicles

Alternative Energy Vehicles

Fuel Saving Tips


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