Fuel Economy - Wake-up & Smell the Fumes


Fuel Economy - Wake-up & Smell the Fumes

How to save $6600 (5,500 liters) in five years.Wake-up & smell the fumes

  1. Trade your vehicle in for one size smaller. Save 10 to 20% (or go electric save 100%)
  2. Slow Down! Reduce your speed by 10 km/ hour and save 10%
  3. Drive lite on the gas pedal and lite on the brake. Save 10%
  4. Keep the engine maintained and tuned up. Save 10 to 20%
  5. Buy a manual transmission. Save 5 to 10%
  6. Keep tire pressure up. Save 5%
  7. Car pool one day a week.Save 10 to 15%
  8. Keep track of your mileage, so you know how you are doing.
  9. Don't idle. You get 0 miles per gallon! And the pollution is higher then driving!

 If you use even, half these tips, you could meet, or exceed your car's rated mileage, reduce your carbon foot print and save $1320/yr. A staggering savings of $6600 (5,500 liters) over 5 years.

This is considering a vehicle that gets 11 liters/ 100 (25 mpg), 20,000 kilometers/yr, @ $1.20/liter. That's 2200 liter used/yr and $2640 cost/ yr on gas! A 50% savings would be $1320/year saved.
Even if you only save half that amount (25%), it is still an amazing 2,750 liters and $3300 saved over 5 years! 
If you currently get worse then 11 liter/100 (lots do) or drive more then 20K /yr then your potential savings is proportionaly higher. If you are already getting better mileage and/or driving less your savings will be less.
 To compare the average mileage of your present vehicle to that of any other vehicle, take a look at this site from the Canadian Ministry of Natural Resources.



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