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KIDS - great online adventure game at Adventure Ecology give it a try!

Adventure Ecology Online Game

Adventure Ecology is completely online, and will run on any computer. No downloads required.

Food Force: There is also a fantastic game available free from the United Nations at this location. Please note that this game requires a huge download (227MB). You must have a high speed link to download this free game. Once you have it download, you can burn it to CD and share it.

Food Force Video Game from United Nations


  • From the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), the world’s largest humanitarian agency, Food Force is a free educational video game telling the story of a hunger crisis on the fictitious island of Sheylan.
  • Comprised of 6 mini-games or “missions”, the game takes young players from an initial crisis assessment through to delivery and distribution of food aid, with each sequential mission addressing a particular aspect of this challenging process.
  • Lesson plans available here: food force lesson plans


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