Ultra Low Flush Toilets



Ultra Low Flush Toilets

Ultra low flush toiletsBefore 1980 most toilets used 20 litres of water per flush. Then "water saver" toilets using just 13 litres (3.4 gallons) of water arrived. Today, 6 litre (1.6 gallons) models are widely available, and even mandated in several regions. These Ultra Low Flush (ULF) toilets come in a variety of "flush" configurations and ALL models tend to flush very well these days. Here's a summary of what's available in ultra low flush toilets.


Gravity Toilets

By far the most popular toilet available is the gravity type toilet. With there redesigned bowl to enhance the siphoning action, the water is PULLED out of the bowl, using more than just gravity. Unlike the early low flush versions of the toilet, these newer models of gravity type ultra low flush toilets work well.


Vacuum Assist Toilets

These ULF toilets have a mechanism in the tank that creates a small vacuum in the trapway to aid in flushing. Again, water gets an assist or PULL, to help with the flushing process.


Pressure Assist ToiletsPressure assist toilet


These flapper-less toilets use pressure instead of gravity, for a more forceful flush. A cavity in the tank traps air. This air is then compressed using the pressure of your household water system (no electrical devices). This compressed air then forces the water into the bowl, rather than using gravity or a siphoning action.


Tip Bucket Toilets

This type of toilet fills a bucket after the flush lever is pressed. The bucket then tips into the tank and into the bowl. As no water sits in a tank, there is never an issue with sweating. This design also allows you to place the toilet closer to the wall, for confined areas.


Dual Flush Toilets

Dual flush toilets let users save even more water by choosing a 3 litre (0.8 gallon) flush for liquid waste or a 6 litre (1.6 gallon) flush for solids. New to North America, these toilets have been in popular use in Australia and Europe for some time.Drop-in Dual Flush Toilet kit



Dual Flush Toilet Add-on

These are simple inserts that convert a Gravity Flush toilet into a Dual Flush toilet. Just replace the flapper and flush lever and you're done.





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